Monday, November 2, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

It's that time of year again...the holidays are around us and what a better way to celebrate
than to a Holiday Beer Tasting!
Holiday beers are, by design, no one style, but offer an opportunity for individual breweries to let their talents and imagination run wild. At the holidays, when people stop their busy lives and share some precious time with family and friends, the beer they choose should be equally as special as the time they’re sharing. So a holiday beer should be made to impress, to wow its audience, to stand out. Those are the only criteria that should be met by one of these beers.
Will it impress? Different breweries, thankfully, do this in many, many different ways. Some use unusual spices or fruits, some use special malts or hops, some use other uncommon ingredients like spruce or rye, and some make a style that itself is unusual. So there’s nothing to tie these beers together apart from their celebration of the season. That makes them a delight as well as a challenge to judge. Ultimately, perhaps more than with any other tasting, these beers are simply a matter of preference. So come, try some and discover for yourself the many flavors of this holiday season.

We will try and taste 12 Holidays brews
Happy Holidays!
Tasting is: Dec 10th from 7pm-9pm.
Cost is $20

Check it out here

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