Friday, November 6, 2009

Deal of the week- Monk's Kettle- Abacus- $6.50!

My husband and I went last night to Monk's Kettle and to our surprise, not only did they have a fantastic barleywine beer on draft, but it was only $6.50!? Now, I do enjoy Monk's Kettle- they have really good food- classy bar fare if you will...and really great beer. But price wise they are the highest in the city for beer. They average a 2.2 when you can go get a great beer at a store in the city for $20, they will have it for $45. Craziness if you ask me. But I guess they are taking the whole wine bar approach and marking everything up....And if you know that and know there are other great places in the city with great beer with normal prices-(City Beer, Toronado, ect) you would probably choose a different place to go too....That is what keeps me away- well that and the fact they have hour long waits for a table and nowhere to wait (the place is small and the bar gets crowded ).  But it is a great place to go on a weekend afternoon for a great fish burger and a good beer. And they have really good beer dinners and they update their menu online often- which is nice. It has a great decor and the bartenders are really courtious - they will explain and recommend beers without any stuffiness....unlike other beer bars in the it is a friendlier beer environment...classier....however expensive usually....But I am getting off track...

Abacus by Firestone Walker- Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine on draft- 12% only $6.50!  If you have never had a barleywine, this is the one to try!  It is supposed to be $22 for a 22 oz.bottle. Hence why $6.50 for an 8oz pour is a great deal!
It is made to be sipped and warmed in your an after dinner drink...great with desserts! It's basically the equivalent to a Tawny Port or Brandy....absolutely delicious....It has an alcohol nose (it is 12%),  notes of bourbon, vanilla, and toffee.....It is perfect for the fall/winter season right now....according to my husband, Dave, "I can drink this all day until I pass out.", which apparently, was 3 glasses last night.

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