Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Beer Dinner November 8th

Sunday Novemeber 8th
(Fisherman's Wharf)
891 Beach St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Event time: 5:00 pm
Event Website
Phone: 415-771-6800
Your hosts for this special event are Ken Grossman, Brewer, Sierra Nevada Co. and Sam Calagione, Brewer, Dogfish Head Brewery. This is an amazing opportunity for the craft beer lover and the only time both Ken and Sam will be co-hosting the launch on the west coast. The evening will be a celebration of family, friends, and the craft beer movement.

Only 75 tickets are available to the general public. Your ticket includes a 5-course beer and food pairing special menu and a gift bag with glassware. Tickets are available online exclusively via the ticketing link on this page. Click Here.

Over the years, the two brewers—Ken Grossman and Sam Calagione—have become friends in the industry. They quickly realized how many similarities they share. Grossman's history as a craft-brewing pioneer and his radical approach to brewing are echoed some fifteen years later by Calagione—through his boundary-pushing innovation and tireless promotion for the cause of craft beer.

Both men started out as home brewers obsessed with beer-making. Both share deep values of sustainability and responsibility. Both share the desire to pass their breweries on to the next generation, and both started out small—from humble beginnings—and built vibrant, creative, beer-centered and fiercely independent breweries, despite the long odds. Their mutual respect, admiration, and none-too-few shared glasses of beer led to the collaborative idea and the release of Life & Limb and Limb & Life.

Only West Coast Appearance: Ana Mandara, San Francisco

Enjoy 5-courses at Ana Mandara, each paired with beers from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head—including cask versions of Life & Limb and Limb & Life. This is the only time Sam and Ken will be together on the West Coast discussing their beers, breweries, the collaboration, answering questions.


About the Beers & About the Food

Life & Limb is a collaborative effort, the brainchild of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Life & Limb is a 10% ABV strong, dark beer that defies style characteristics— brewed with pure maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts and estate barley grown on the Grossman “farm” at the brewery in Chico, CA. The beer is alive with yeast—a blend of both breweries’ house strains—bottle conditioned for added complexity and shelf life, and naturally carbonated with birch syrup fresh from Alaska.

Life & Limb is dedicated to the family of beer drinkers and enthusiasts worldwide who continue to support the little guys, iconoclasts, entrepreneurs, and pioneers who risk life and limb to shape the vibrant craft-brewing community.

Limb & Life is a companion to the big beer It is a 5% ABV small beer--a low-gravity beer made using the residual sugar as "second runnings" from the first larger brew, fortified with American hops. This is a session beer. Its big brother is a sipper. Limb & Life will be a limited draft-only product, a prelude to the bigger beer, available draft only in select bars and restaurants.


Passed Hors D'oeuvres: Seared Rare Beef with Tamarind Crispy Lobster Ravioli with Mango-Coconut Sauce

Appetizer/Salad: Seared Rare Ahi Tuna with Hearts of Palm, Jicama Salsa, Orange Vinaigrette

Main 1: (1/2 portion) Five-Spiced Crispy Skin Poussin, Sugar Snap Peas, White Corn Pilaf, Sweet & Sour Sauce

Main 2: (1/2 portion) Wokked Tournedos of Beef Filet Mignon, Peppercress, Red Sweet Onions

Desserts (Choice): Valrhona Dark Chocolate Semifreddo Flourless Coconut Rum Cake

Order your $100 tickets here


  1. The ONLY reason I am not going is because it's not vegetarian friendly and too expensive to just go for the beer :(

    Why are there never vegetarian options for beer dinners/pairings?

  2. Because vegetarians aren't real people :)

    Just kidding. My mom and sister and good friends are all vegetarians. I was one for 4 years. But then turned back into a carnivore :)

    Too bad you won't be there. We should meet up for some beers sometime. I'm in the North Bay area!