Monday, March 1, 2010

Pliny the Younger on tap at Toronado Friday 2/19

So who would of thought at me getting my haircut on a Friday would lead to me drinking Pliny the Younger on tap without a crazy line? So I go to get my haircut right around the corner from Toronado, and feeling a bit beer'ed out, Dave and I go to just have a drink or two after work on Friday. He rushed over to make their happy hour, which ends at 6pm, and low and behold when we walk in, on the chalkboard it said: Younger at 6pm. $7 for a 13oz glass.
It was 4 minutes until 6. Booyah.

SO we were both able to taste this incredible beer once again. It was amazing that only a week later had this beer already changed in character. Hops really fade over time- who would have thought 1 week would make such a difference? But when you are drinking it really fresh, you definitely take notice. So this 1 week old version was a bit astringent and way way less sweet. It wasn't even sweet anymore. It was still super dry and bitter- and sticky. Incredibly sticky. You still get the amazing hop, citrus, grapefruit rind flavors and drinking it for a while, it definitely gets more similar. But that first initial smell and taste was much different. It was pretty cool to try it and notice the differences!

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