Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5th Women Who Like Beer: Strong Ales, Barleywines and Samuel Adam's Utopias!

Another fantastic meetup! We are so lucky to have such great people come and join in on all of the tasting fun~ It was so much fun this time that people hung out until midnight! Not to mention how great it was to open and taste Samuel Adams Utopias! We managed to score another bottle for everyone to try so we figured to have them try it at this meetup since it's such a rare find and a treat at $200 a bottle. 

So I asked everyone who attended to do their homework: that was to rate their top 3 favorite beers and why they liked them. 

The total consensus was:
1-Avery's Beast Gand Cru 2008 (we also all learned what Grand Cru means) 
2- Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA (18% abv!)
3-Tie between Samuel Adam's Utopias (27%abv) and North Coast's Old Stock Ale 

I also asked everyone to write why they liked the beers they picked.
Some of the responses were:

Courtney said she picked the Utopias as #1 because it's just like Port. She said the Deschuttes Jubel 2010 had a fruity punch in the middle and North Coast's Old Stock was very much like pop (in a good way).

Riah said It's difficult to say, but...the Utopias is so smooth and sweet but not overwhelming. The 120 minute IPA was lighter than the Beast Grand Cru but also sweet. I'm not generally a sweet beer person but the way we worked up to it really kind of leaves me out of context of the early more bitter beers that we tasted. She picked Dogfish Head's 120 as her #1 because it's smooth with some sweet pear notes but light. The Utopias as her #2 because it's creamy, like brown sugar, maple syrup and creme brulee. Her #3 was Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron because it had caramelized bananas and coffee flavors in it.

Shana picked North Coast's Old Stock as her #1. She said she loved the balance of the hops and the malt- super smooth!

Kate said her #1 was the 120 because it's tangy with a sugar blast.

Meredith liked the Beast Grand Cru because of it's honey, candy and maple syrup flavors. She also said she thought the Utopias would be too sweet and strong but she loved it.

Jen said she picked Nectar Ale's Black Xantas as her #1 because she loved the coffee bean flavors and of its drinkability. She picked The Breast Grand Cru as her #2 and said she didn't like it at first- until she tried it with crackers. She thinks it would be good with a salty pairing. 

We also got a few compliments which is always nice to hear. 
Meaghan Paice said Fun, nice people and educational.
Kate said  You are so hospitable and gracious. Thanks you!!!
Shana said You guys always put on an exceptional tasting/pairing. Loved it!!!

Thank YOU guys again for making it so successful! I look forward to our next meetup:
Beer pairing with Cheese and Chocolate Fondue (with men too!)

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