Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Zealand: A little beer garden in Okere Falls

Traveling to Lake Rotoriti, I was surprised to not only find a atomic vintage looking high end deli, but a cool one with a beer garden in the back! It's called the Okere Falls Store We got there on the late side, but they said that their hours were from 7am-7pm, but if there were people hanging out in the back that they sometimes don't close the beer garden until 9pm. Good to know! So we had to come back the next day (we were only there 2 nights).

So the next day, after boating on Lake Rotoriti to the Hot Springs in the middle of the lake in the rain, we washed up and got ourselves over to the Okere Falls Store for a snack and some beer. They had really cute T Shirts there as well as local jellies, sauces, espresso, wine, local vegetables and delicacies. We grabbed a few snacks to munch on in the back as well as a beer.

The beer I tried was:
by Altien-brauerei Kaufbeuren- Hellespont Starkbier Belli Bock- 6.9% abv and a Maibock/ Belli Bock. It poured  a hazy sunshine yellow. It smelled of light apricot, lemon, malt and some light cereal. It tasted belgiany, yeasty with light sweet malts and a touch of dried apricot. It was very pleasant to drink- especially in their outside beer garden. That's something we are lacking here in San Francisco is a decent place to sit outside and drink your beer.

We also tried by
Altien-brauerei Kaufbeuren- Jubilaums German Pils- 5% abv. This poured a yellow hay color with a thick white foamy head that dissipated quite quickly. It smelled of a touch of hops with some earthiness and grass notes to it. It tasted of light hops, a touch of herbs, and some light malt.

Apparently this place has a bunch of beer festivals as well.  You should try to make it there!

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