Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some tastings from the home front.

Here are 4 completely random tastings of some beers that Dave and I have tried recently:

Brasserie d'Orval Orval Trappist Ale- 6.9% Belgian Pale Ale
Saint Somewhere's Lectino Divina- 8% Saison
21st Ammendment's Monk's Blood- 8.3%- Strong Dark Ale
Allagash's Fluxus 2009- 8.3% Saison.

In order from my favorite to my least favorite:
21st Ammendment's Monk's Blood. This dark belgian is brewed with 8 malts, Belgian candi sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dried local black mission figs and aged in oak barrels. Now this wasn't the first time I have had this beer- I have been enjoying it since it has come out but I have finally been able to take some notes on it last weekend. It poured a dark mahogany. It smelled like cinnamon, prunes, dates and some cereal malts. It tasted like caramel, roasted malt, figs, stewed raisins, molasses and some cinnamon spiciness. Ironically this beer is quite light bodied for 8.3%. It goes down easily and with much enjoyment on my part. Kudos!

Saint Somewhere's Lectino Divina- Dave recently bought this from the Jug Shop.  He has seen it before but was a bit turned off by the label. But he had recently heard some buzz about this Florida brewery so he decided to bring it home for us to try. It poured a reddish chestnut brown color with a huge head. It smelled like dates, sweet bourbon, sour, Brett and some funk. It smelled incredibly interesting. I have never smelled anything quite like this before! It tasted sour, roasted nuts, dates, figs, malty and slightly sweet. It was reminiscent of a dobbelbock. I would definitely try this one again!

Brasserie d'Orval Orval Trappist Ale- I was definitely looking forward to this beer. It poured a cloudy orange gold hue. It smelled like sour, tart apples, and yeast. It tasted sweet, overripe grape, sour apple, a hint of spice but left the tongue tart and dry. I actually preferred the smell better to the taste. The taste was a bit light, but I guess it is just a pale ale. I thought it was have more umph for 6.3%- guess not. It just wasn't my favorite. I don't see myself buying anymore anytime soon.

Allagash's Fluxus 2009- This beer is made with sweet potatoes and black pepper! That definitely caught my eye in the store.  Plus I am a fan of Allagash beers, so why not? It poured a beautiful crystal clear bubbly tangerine. It smelled spicy, some wood and a hint sweet. It tasted like PEPPER! It had some light citrus and spritzy quality to it. I did not get any sweet potato at all. THIS was a HUGE disappointment to me. I didn't even finish this beer as it was just like a black pepper spritzer. I don't even know why they bottled it. PLUS it's $17! I will not be buying this one again.

All in all- 2 to buy, 2 to skip, at least for me. I know a lot of people like the Orval, but it just was a bit too disappointing for me. Maybe it's because I am a woman and I have high expectations and when they miss, then they miss with me.

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  1. The Monks Blood sounds delish. I'm definitely gunna have to give that one a try.