Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Bruery Reserve Society Membership

I know a $195 price ticket for a reserve society seems steep. However, split between 2 people (my husband Dave and myself) plus all of the perks definitely makes it worth our wild. Unfortunately it is already past the date when you can sign up, Jan 1st 2010 was the cut off. But you can sign up for next years probably around the end of 2010.

For instance, we drove up to The Bruery, which is in the middle of nowhere in OC in an industrial park (what's up with these great breweries in industrial parks? Avery is the same way....I know it's cheaper but it makes them hard to find and you have to totally be on a mission to get there, which we were). Anyways, we drove up on our way back from Palm Springs to pick up our first 'delivery' of a barrel aged Partridge in a Pear Tree (booyah), an Autumn Maple and a White Oak (which is already sold out).  People that signed up later got a barrel aged Autumn Maple instead of the Partridge as they only release 250 bottles of the barrel aged Partridge. 

These three came with the membership price as well as:

-in October a 2010 Black Tuesday and a barrel aged 2 Turtle Doves
-a reserve society hoodie
-Access to Reserve Society-only events-barrel tastings & special release parties
-Access to purchase special bottle release allocations
-15% off all tasting room and Bruery Provisions purchases 
-Access to special growler fills
-First right of refusal for 2011 membership

Plus for the anticipated releases, which we have 1st access to with a 15% discount-

Anticipated 2010 Special Bottle Releases:
Oude Tart - Flemish Red (which we already bought our 6 bottle limit- spent 18 months in Cabernet barrels)
Melange #1 - Flemish Red / Imperial Stout Blend
Melange #3 - Barrel Aged Strong Ale Blend
White Zin - Sour ale with Zinfandel Grapes
White Oak - Blended Barrel Aged Wheatwine / Golden Strong Ale
100% barrel-aged Coton - Barrel Aged Old Ale
Black Tuesday Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
- 1
00% barrel-aged 2 Turtle Doves - Barrel Aged Holiday Beer
- Perhaps a few other releases up our sleeves

We tried the Humulus XPA, Rugbrod, White Orchard and Saison Rue,  while we were there picking up our first shipment. And we are going back next weekend for the first Reserve Party 'inauguration'.

-- Orchard White
-- Rugbrod
-- Saison Rue
-- Mischief
-- Hottenroth Berliner Weisse
-- 2 Turtle Doves
-- Saison De Lente
-- Trade Winds Tripel
-- Autumn Maple
-- Humulus XPA
-- Melange No. 5: DBJW
-- Oude Tart

Limited Beers Poured on the Hour (varies every hour):
-- Papier (plus the 100% barrel aged versions)
-- Black Tuesday
-- Partridge in a Pear Tree

So far, so good as far as price goes for us...
Not too bad for a cheap southwest ticket and a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere OC. At least I know we will have a good to follow!

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