Monday, December 14, 2009

Jug Shop Holiday Beer Series Part 1:Domestic

I know this is a little out of order, as I just posted my blog below about Part 2 of the Jug Shop Holiday Beer series, but I wanted to quickly write about what we tasted Dec 6th (St Nicholas Day) for $20.
This will be short but sweet:

1- Shiner Holiday, 6 pk/$7.99
2- Sam Adams Winter Lager, 6pk/ $8.99
3- Moylan's White Christmas, 22oz/$5.99
4- Ommegang Adoration, 750ml/ $12.99
5- Anchor Christmas, 6pk/ $10.99
6-Deschutes Jubelale, 6pk/ $8.99
7- Marin Brewing Hoppy Holidaze, 22oz/$5.99
8-Sierra Celebration, 6pk/$8.99
9-Abita Christmas Ale, 6pk/$8.99
10-Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper, 6pk/$8.99
11- High and Mighty Home for the Holidays. 22oz/$8.49
12- Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi, 22oz/$11.99
13- Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve, 6pk/$10.99
14- Avery Old Jubilation, 6pk/$6.99
15- Widmer Brrr, 6pk/$6.99
16- Bridgeport Ebenezer, 6pk/$7.99
17- He'brew Jewbelation 13, 22oz/$5.99
18- The Bruery, 2 Turtle Doves, 750ml/$11.99

First and foremost, you definitely get your money's worth. However, we knew a few to skip, so we did just that on a few of them or poured them out.

My top 5 for fantastic Holiday Beers:
1-The Bruery, 2 Turtle Doves
2-He'brew Jewbelation 13
3-Ommegang Adoration
4-Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper
5-Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi

My top 5 for great & drinkable (session, if you will) Holiday Beers (a bit lighter)
1-Deschutes Jubelale
2-Anchor Christmas
3-Avery Old Jubilation
4-Sierra Celebration
5- Widmer Brrr

My bottom choices, mostly for way too overwhelming spice or lacking in overall flavor:
1-Marin Brewing Hoppy Holidaze ( hoppy and allspice spicy, NOT balanced at all)
2- Red Hook Winter Hook
3- Sam Adams Winter Lager
4-Shiner Holiday Cheer
5-Moylan's White Christmas

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